Last week, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on their Facebook page looking for help from the community in finding the driver of a truck who had sped past a stopped school bus while children were getting off the bus. The short video quickly gathered more than 50 thousand views and dozens of comments from the public.

Watch As Truck Speeds By A Stopped School Bus Full Of Children

‘Do you recognize this vehicle?’ was the simple question asked by the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office, yet some people in the comment section should probably get on a school bus because they didn’t understand the assignment. The Police were looking for help in an attempt to keep our children safe. It was a simple question, yet some trolls jumped on the wagon and used the platform to complain about other unrelated issues.

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The good news about this specific post is that almost all of the comments were either supportive, concerned, or helpful. The even better news about the situation is that no children got hurt and the authorities were able to find the driver of the truck.

What Are The Rules For Passing A Stopped School Bus

The rules for what you should do in Idaho when you encounter a stopped school bus with the ‘Stop’ arm extended are simple. Some might say that you should always stop, no matter what which is a nice thought, but it isn’t what Idaho law states. You can get an in-depth read from our previous story, but here’s a summary:

  • If you are behind the stopped bus going in the same direction, no matter how many lanes of travel you must stop.
  • If you are driving on a 2-lane or 3-lane road, you must also stop from either direction.
  • If there are 4 or more lanes of travel then only those behind the bus going the same direction are required to stop.

Failure to follow these rules could get you a $200 fine and put children at risk.

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