Each day we go about our lives, seeing all that the world has to show us, and rarely question why some things are the way they are. But when you do really think about random things, you realize that everything is the way it is for a reason.

There's a reason we are seeing more cars with vinyl decals on their hoods driving around Twin Falls. There's also a reason The Anchor restaurant on Blue Lakes has that giant anchor out front (and it was there long before The Anchor came along). There's even a reason the Perrine Bridge appears to be missing a support beam. For real, I noticed it while kayaking a few years ago: check it out in this story. Maybe you never noticed the blatantly obvious hidden design in the base of the Twin Falls City Park band shell? See that cool Idaho Easter Egg here.

Have You Ever Noticed This In Twin Falls

Maybe you never thought about school buses and why they look the way they do. The yellow makes sense for visibility, but what's up with the black lines? They do contrast well with the bright yellow so maybe it's another way to help driver's see them better? That may be part of it, but the real reason has to do with structural support, where the seats are, and to help first responders in the case of an accident. This bus driver has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing little known info about his school bus.

Those black lines also double as a bumper so the whole paint job isn't ruined if it gets scratched. Did you know that about school buses?

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