My youngest son loves fishing and there is pretty much a guarantee that if we don’t have plans and the weather is nice he’s going to ask if we can go fishing.

Nearly 37,000 Rainbow Trout Stocked In Southern Idaho Lakes

During the warmer months of the year, the Idaho Fish and Game frequently stock local lakes and ponds with catchable-sized rainbow trout. As we inch closer to winter, they will be doing just a few more drops before it gets too cold. In October, the Idaho Fish and Game plan to release 36,850 rainbow trout into various lakes around Southern Idaho. All the trout stocked this month will be between 10 and 12 inches, which means they are catchable and keepable sizes.

Magic Valley Lakes Stocked with Thousands of Trout

The Idaho Fish and Game has a plan to stock 11 different lakes and ponds around the Magic Valley and has already dropped off more than 10,000 rainbow trout. Between October 3rd and 7th fish were stocked at Salmon Falls Creek, Freedom Park Pond, Filer Ponds, Burley Pond, Dog Creek Reservoir, Emerald Lake, Crystal Springs Lake, and Niagara Springs.

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Last week 2,000 fish were taken to the Blair Trail Fishing Pond and before the end of the month another 450 will be taken to the Filer Ponds and Lake Walcott will be stocked with a massive 24,000 rainbow trout.

Photo by John Werner on Unsplash
Photo by John Werner on Unsplash

How To Catch Trout In Idaho

Everyone who fishes will have an opinion on the best bait, location, and time to go fishing. My personal favorite bait is marshmallows. We’ll buy a bag of little white marshmallows and eat them while we use them as bait. You do need to have a license to fish in Idaho if you are 14 years or older.

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