I can't say that we don't have a drug problem in Idaho - we do. But, we are apparently doing a better job of either teaching our kids about the dangers of drugs or the druggies are doing a better job of hiding it than the rest of the nation from whoever did this study.

Source: WalletHub

The latest WalletHub interactive map shows us that Idaho is in the bottom 10 states with drug issues. Yay for being on the bottom! This comes as good news and maybe a bit of a relief for Idaho residents. We constantly hear about drugs and their dangers. Apparently (hopefully) that is sticking with our youth and they are choosing cleaner paths in their lives.

Interesting note in their findings is that while we rank low overall on the list we rank rather high, at 17th, when it comes to adults using opioid pain reliever prescriptions. So, at least we are using prescriptions?

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