Valentine's Day is coming up in about a week and the day is also referred to as Singles Awareness Day (even though some say that is the 15th) - so either way you get to celebrate. But, here in Idaho that may not be a good thing for all the single people out there. You can still celebrate in Idaho if you are single but a new study says it won't be cool or fun for you. WalletHub has their yearly map out for the best states to be single and Idaho is way down at the bottom.

Source: WalletHub

Idaho is ranked 38 which isn't good but at least it is better than Arkansas and Mississippi. West Virginia ranked dead last  so don't go there either if you are looking for love. The reasoning behind the low rank for Idaho is interesting because it includes the fact that there aren't as many single people, so a smaller pool to fish in. We did rank 5th in the lowest crime rate category which I'm assuming bumped us up in the poll and isn't considered a bad thing?

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