A former investigator turned author has released the latest in a series of non-fiction books involving strange disappearances and unexplained goings-on in the forests of the United States. The writer's most recent publication delves into a number of missing person cases in the Gem State.

David Paulides is a former police officer and SWAT team member that has released a number of books over the years dealing with everything from his personal experiences in law enforcement to missing persons, as well as Bigfoot investigations to perceived paranormal incidents. The latest in his Missing 411 series focuses on a number of separate investigations throughout Idaho.

I recently came across several YouTube documentaries of Paulides that walk viewers through his investigations and research on unexplained events. The most eerie of all is a production called Missing 411: The Hunted, which is for sale online and available to stream on Hulu. The documentary centers around lost hunters and spooky witness accounts.

Having lived near Yosemite National Park for a number of years, his episode in the film on the Sierra Camp Sounds shook me to my core. It includes the true accounts of area hunters that recorded audio in 1971 during a campout that were beyond terrifying. The sounds reportedly came from multiple figures that lurked near the campsite and appeared to communicate in a dialogue totally foreign to anything known to be human.

If you haven't watched any of the Missing 411 documentaries, you have to check them out. I'm sure his latest book on the Idaho cases is going to be a great read.

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