If you look back on your childhood and think about all the silly or stupid things you did does it make you glad that cameras and recorders weren't as prevalent as they are today? I definitely do. This Idaho teen we are going to talk about probably wishes she didn't live in such a technologically advanced time. Not only is her silly story all over the internet but there is also video footage to document the results of a dare gone wrong for all posterity to see. Most of us have done something that we regret and some of us have done something so great or so ridiculous that it earned us our 15 minutes of fame. I'm not going to say this girl doesn't have a future or won't do great things in her life, but currently this is what she is known for.

The Idaho teen was eating at a Chick-fil-A after attending a school basketball game with her friends. According to East Idaho News, after they finished their meal Addison Trent was dared to try and fit into a child's high chair. She succeeded but couldn't get back out. Then, after more than an hour the local fire department was able to come to her rescue, extract her from her temporary prison, and they did it without damaging the high chair. Good job firefighters and we are glad the kid didn't get hurt.

My claim to fame for stupidity happened when I was in high school and we climbed on top of the local Hollywood video to slingshot cans of soda into the loading area behind the building. Cops were called because it was late at night and neighbors thought we were breaking in to businesses. But it wasn't just one cop that showed up. In all there were two fire engines, two canine units, four regular police vehicles, and a helicopter that showed up. The reason this was my claim to fame is that they ended up using new infrared video technology from the helicopter in a video at our high school on advances in police technology. I'm so glad I was able to help them with that.

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