The state of Idaho is looking to update the design of 3 of its themed license plates and is asking for ideas from artistic residents.

The 3 license plates getting a facelift are the wildlife plates which feature a bluebird, trout, and an elk.

Credit Canva/IDDOT
Credit Canva/IDDOT

You Could Get Paid to Design the Next Idaho License Plate

There is a contest running now through May 24th where residents of Idaho can submit original license plate design ideas. The contest will award $1,000 for each of the license plates. The wildlife-themed plates benefit the Idaho Department of Fish & Game’s Diversity program (non-game), the Idaho Department of Fish & Game’s Wildlife Health Lab, the Idaho Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Disease Lab, and the Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation’s Boating Access Program.

Idaho allows residents to choose from a variety of license plates for an extra charge and the additional fee benefits a certain program or organization. There are around 100 different license plate designs currently in the 3 categories of Special Programs, Individually Qualified, and Vehicle Qualified.

Requirements to Submit an Idaho License Plate Design

The designs have to fit certain criteria, especially graphics sizes, and fit the theme of elk, bluebird, or trout. The designs must also be the original artwork of the person submitting the design. The Wildlife Program license plates have been ranked as the most popular in Idaho.

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Some Idahoans are known for not making the best choices with their license plate desires, so if you do design a plate remember that Idaho can be pretty sticky about what they allow. These personalized plates prove that not all bad decisions get approved.

The Worst Idaho License Plate Rejections from 2023

You can get dinged on your submission form for a personalized license plate in Idaho for a lot of reasons. Most of these are obvious and others you may have to think about for a moment. If some of them don't make sense, then congrats on having a more pure mind than the rest of us.
That being said - DISCLAIMER - these plates were rejected for a reason. You may be offended by them and it isn't too late to turn back.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Which Of These 37 Idaho Specialty License Plates Are the Most Popular?

We reached out to the Idaho Transportation Department to find out which of Idaho's specialty license plates were the most popular. They sent us the number of plates that were registered for the Fiscal Year 2022 and, if the data was available, the amount of funds they raised for their respective causes.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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