I'll admit that some license plates are pretty cool and it is interesting to see old ones or variations of a plate you are used to seeing. Idaho has a massive variety of options for personalized and themed plates. The license plate in this video isn't special though, it's just a basic Idaho plate that somehow deserved its own YouTube video.

Idaho, Known For Potatoes

The guy, YouTube user 'License Plate Collecting and Stuff', starts off the video with the obvious: Idaho is known for potatoes. After that, he doesn't get a lot of the other details right. He tosses in a 'fun fact' that Michigan produces the second most taters in the US. The real fun fact is that he's wrong. Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, and Oregon are the top potato producers. Michigan comes in 7th on the list.

He then tries to guess when the plate was last registered in Idaho. The plate has the numbers 4 and 10, but he isn't sure which number is the year and the month. He incorrectly guesses that the plate is from 2010. He actually proves that just a few moments later in the video when he explains that the embossed plate was made between 1997 and 2008. That part is correct.

Next, he points out that the plates are categorized by county, which is true, but he believes that the letters after the space indicate that. Here in Idaho, we know that it is the first letter and number which will indicate the county. On his plate, the 1A is for Ada county.

He says the plate is rare because it has stickers on it, I don't know if that is true. But, the real botch comes right at the end when he is praising the Idaho license plate and calls us Ohio! Rookie mistake, sir.

Embossed Idaho License Plate

Check out the video below if you want to see an old Idaho plate and hear a bunch of incorrect info about it. You can also check out just below the video to see a real classic Idaho plate from 1922.

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