With the COVID-19 scare happening and more people staying home and being forced to be creative with their meals, I imagine some pretty interesting recipes are being tested in America's kitchens. I'm a super picky eater so I have my list of foods I like and don't need the internet to tell me how to live my life or cook my food. Other people, even those in my house, get bored eating the same foods more than once a week and have been searching the dot com for inspiration. Google gathered stats from all the food related searches during the pandemic and found that some states are looking for hearty meals, alcoholic drink recipes, and comfort foods. Idaho falls in the comfort food group.

Google searches show that Idahoans are searching for cinnamon roll recipes more than the rest of the nation, according to the Time Out website. Though the data also says that Alaska, Oregon, and Montana also searched for cinnamon roll recipes more than anyone else Not sure how 4 states searched for the same thing more than anyone else, but I'm not Google and cinnamon rolls sounds good. So, I won't debate the findings. Cinnamon rolls might be the perfect comfort food we need right now to help melt away our stress.

I did mention I don't venture far from my list of staples and easy to make meals, but there has been a little spice added to my food since we bought an Instant Pot. I've searched for pot roast recipes a few times because of the new kitchen appliance.

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