I have to say that I have never experienced this in my life, but others are saying it does happen and there's a real reason for it. Some people are finding dryer sheets in their mailboxes and they don't know why.

Why Would There Be a Dryer Sheet in a Mailbox?

In the YSK (You Should Know) sub-Reddit, on Reddit, a letter carrier posted an informative story about dryer sheets in a mailbox. The post claims that a mailman might put the dryer sheet in the back of your mailbox as a deterrent for wasps and yellow jackets. Obviously, a letter carrier doesn't want to get stung so they may place the sheets in the mailbox for their safety.

What Should I Do With the Dryer Sheet in My Mailbox

Leave it there. If there is a dryer sheet in your mailbox that usually means the mailman had an issue with flying pests near your house. Sometimes the wasps will build a nest in the mailbox or somewhere near it. The scented dryer sheets can help keep them from using that location.

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Can I Do Anything to Help the Mailman With This Issue?

You can get a jump on the issue by placing a dryer sheet in your mailbox before the wasps and yellow jackets become an issue. You can leave the dryer sheet in your box and check it every once in a while to see if it still has a scent. If it has lost its smell replace it with a new one. The Reddit post claims that the brand and scent don't matter.

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