The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is currently looking for help. They need someone who loves animals, but can also interact with humans.

Twin Falls Animals Shelter Is Hiring

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has posted recently that they are short on staff. They need volunteers, donations, and right now they need a part-time kennel attendant. That sounds like a fancy way of saying they need someone to play with and take care of the dogs and cats.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter Kennel Attendant Duties

The part-time kennel attendant will need to be willing to clean cat and dog kennels. They will also need to do tasks around the office, including answering phones, data entry, scheduling appointments, and other to-do's that may come up. The job will be a day shift with a rotating schedule, and some work on weekends totaling between 20 and 29 hours per week. Details on the job posting are found on the People For Pets Facebook page.

Those interested must fill out an application resume and deliver it in-person to apply.

I was walking the Old Towne Parkway a few days ago near the Victory Bridge, and I could hear the dogs barking in excitement and having fun at the shelter. You could be part of that action if you need a part-time job and put in an application.

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The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is also gearing up for the annual Pooch Splash down at Dierkes coming up in September.

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