It is no secret that I am not a fan of spiders. They can be small or gigantic, it doesn't matter, they give me the heebie jeebies! Apparently, I can be cured of my fear of spiders. I am going to call bull on this study! Would you ever go into a cage with a bunch of hungry lions? Likewise, I will never be okay with spiders. They are too fast, creepy, unpredictable, scary, gross, and always feel like they are on you! But, here is what the "scientists" are saying.

If you have a severe fear of spiders, believe it or not, you're only three hours away from letting a tarantula crawl all over you.  A study found that with two to three hours of carefully-designed therapy, people who couldn't even look at a photo of spiders would let a tarantula crawl on their hands.  The therapy focuses on education and overcoming fear.

Do you believe it? Could this be a way over any fears? What are your fears?

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