Explicit language warning: this man filmed himself facing his fear of heights by BASE jumping tandem off the Perrine Bridge. Again, there is a lot of cursing in this video. But man if this guy isn't exactly how the average person would feel doing this the first time.

Honestly, good for him. I am petrified of heights and you can't even get me on the bridge let alone strapped to a man that is going to jump off the bridge and have control of my life. I would have a heart attack before I even stepped foot on the bridge.

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: I am not sure if I have said this enough. There is some serious language in this video but I feel every bit of it.

Just watching this video makes me sick to my stomach. I could never NEVER do something like this so I am super happy this man faced his fears and decided to jump. That is super impressive and incredibly brave.

Is it just me or was anyone else shocked that from jumping to landing it only takes about 60 seconds. Roller coasters last longer than that. But I have a feeling it would be the most petrifying 60 second of my life. And I would have a heart attack if I miraculously made it to the edge of the bridge.

That's a no for me, but congrats to him.

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