I really had thought that we were done with spiders this year. The weather was extra chilly for a while and I had hoped the little eight-legged terrors were in their early winter slumber. Wrong. Yesterday I felt like a wannabe ninja walking through my yard as I hit dozens of new sticky spider webs. 60 degree fall temperatures are nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors, if it weren't for bugs. I hate spiders. You've probably seen the pictures online of a house on fire and it's captioned with something along the lines of 'Everything is fine, the spider is dead'. That's how I feel if I see a spider in my house and I don't catch and kill it. If it gets away, I'm a mess.

Somehow though, there are people who are either fine with spiders in their house or find spiders, catch them, and release them outdoors. I don't understand that at all. Now you have a spider outside that knows how nice it is in your house and is going to tell all his spider friends and they'll want to come in your house too. Maybe that's not how spiders interact but I feel like they do. There's an article on Time that tries to convince us that we should either leave the spiders in our homes or catch them and release them. YouGov has a story about people in England and how most of them won't kill spiders.

I know I have a stronger dislike of spiders than most other people since I'll even kill them when I see them outside, but I can't wrap my head around letting them live in my house like a freeloading roommate. I already have kids who do that and none of them have bitten me in a long time.

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