I don't eat vegetables so the only way I really get that kind of nourishment is from gummy vitamins, pizza, and spaghetti sauce. So, for the benefit of my health I eat a lot of pizza. Recently I've been downloading and testing out the mobile apps of local restaurants. I've used McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, and now I've tried Little Caesar's. And I'll admit - it was great!

Here's why I tried it out. The new Pizza Portal at Little Caesar's was being touted as a way to get food without having to interact with humans. Sounds cool to me. So I made my order through the app and drove to the store at lunch time. The restaurant was packed and I felt a little weird walking in and pushing my way through the line of people to the front of the store. I entered my code and grabbed my food and walked out in less than 30 seconds! As I left I could see people staring at me like I was stealing stuff...or they were jealous. Either way it was quick and easy. Plus they have a new walkway in front of the store so you don't walk through the muddy grass now.

Little Caesars via Sarah C

The only qualm I had with the app was that I put in 12:15p (you can only enter times on the 15's for some reason) for my pickup time and they messaged me at 12:02p that my food was ready so it ended up sitting there for about 10 minutes before I could get there. Some people are more pizza snob than I am and that's fine, but if you want quick and cheap pizza - LC's works for me.

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