Ask any staffing agency, there are plenty of jobs in Idaho. The problem is, are there people qualified for the jobs open and do people want to do the work available?

Nationally, the labor market is improving. The high turnover is slowing down enough for employers to look at filling new positions instead of playing catch-up with employees leaving current positions. There are still significant challenges some employers are facing.

What States Are Finding it Difficult to Fill Open Positions?

Source: WalletHub

It would appear that Idaho has a 5.2% job opening rate. That’s almost  .7% less over the past 12 months. This means that open jobs are slowly getting filled. The job market is shrinking in Idaho.

So, getting a job in Idaho might be a bit tougher. They may be able to afford to be a little picky here. If you are hunting for employment, and are willing to relocate, perhaps West Virginia, South Carolina, or Alaska is a place for you.

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You do not want to be looking for a job in Washington, Hawaii, or Indiana. Their job opening rates range from 4-4.3%. Those states can afford to be picky. There may be an exodus of job-seekers from those states coming here.

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