Magic Valley residents are getting tired of it, tourists are annoyed by it, and it has run its course. The construction is not fun for anyone, and while it might need to be done, it is taking a toll on everyone on the roads. Detours are having to be taken, extra time is being added to drives, and it is causing chaos on the roads in Twin Falls. There are too many projects being done at the same time, and it has made angry drivers angrier, patient people impatient, and it is time to complete some of these roads, so they can open once more. While it will take time and patience to get the roads back to normal, it needs to hurry up, because the longer it lasts, it puts drivers in danger. 

The Most Dangerous Turn in Twin Falls

Credit: Zmaj88
Credit: Zmaj88

With so many detours, it is forcing many to take roads they aren't accustomed to, and it can be putting others in danger. When someone is forced to make their way to Highway 30, or other busy roads, and then left turn, it can be tough. Patience runs thin, people get aggressive, and it can lead to wrecks. Anyone who has had to turn left onto Highway 30, especially if someone across the way is coming straight, knows it can get stressful, tense, and a scary situation. It is best to be patient and wait for a good clearing, but not everyone has the time or doesn't want to take the time, and it puts others at risk. 

Danger of Construction in Twin Falls

Credit: KaraGrubis
Credit: KaraGrubis

Above is one example of the adjustments having to be made, but there are others as well. Some drivers are accustomed to going a certain speed limit to get to work, but by being redirected to another road, they may naturally go that speed and be going too fast through residential areas or business areas. This puts other drivers in danger or pedestrians. There could be stop signs or stop lights that the driver is unfamiliar with, run, and then put other cars at risk. These are things that shouldn't happen, but with the rush of getting somewhere and being thrown off by detours, it happens. 

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Be careful as you avoid and navigate construction in the Magic Valley. It will likely get worse before it gets better, and it won't be ending anytime soon. The best thing to do is to give yourself plenty of time to get to work and to find the best and safest route for you. 

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