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A friend calls the service CenturyStink.  I canceled CenturyLink two weeks into August.  I even received an email begging me to return for about half the cost.  They could’ve offered me any time which tells you the service is overpriced.  I took the modem to UPS on the morning of August 17th and had it shipped.  I used the label provided by the company.  And I have a receipt.

Yesterday, I was notified I can expect a bill in October.  The company’s Labyrinthine website claims I’ll keep getting billed until the modem is received.  Funny, I wasn’t billed for September.  Trying to get a voice on the telephone appears impossible.

I’ve been writing a series of these stories about service providers and the poor service they provide.  It wasn’t planned.  It’s that there’s a lot of poor service and bait and switch going on.

I went shopping over the weekend.  A few weeks ago I started using digital coupons after a cashier told me I could save some considerable money.  I’ve discovered items listed on the website are often unavailable at the same store.  When I saw oranges listed as a digital special, I clicked on the icon.  When I reached the store, there were no oranges on sale.  I tracked down an employee who told me I could substitute a bag marked for three dollars more.  I got the discount, but if he hadn’t been there stocking another display, there would’ve been no bargain.  One brand of cat treats was on digital sale, but there wasn’t any signage in the aisle.

At checkout, a bagger went through the weekly paper advertising.  I pointed out only a handful of digital coupons are listed in the mailer.  I guess the idea is to lure me into the store and the psychology says I’ll want the products so much that I’ll pay full price.  I’m a little too frugal to be conned.

Corporate America is out of control and when you consider the level of campaign cash provided to politicians, don’t expect any recourse.

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