Fans of reality TV shows are often treated to surprises. That’s part of the appeal and the ‘reality’ of the show, that you don’t know what is going to happen or what to expect.

One of the reality shows I used to love, Big Brother, had the saying ‘Expect the Unexpected’. Well, a short clip from a popular reality show gave fans an unexpected treat. But if you blinked, you missed it.

Popular TV Show Had a Small Connection to Twin Falls During Pandemic

I don’t watch the ‘Sister Wives’ show, but my wife does. Apparently, she doesn’t have enough drama in her own life so she lives vicariously through other people. Keeping Up with the Kardashians, all of the ‘Real Housewives' incarnations, and pretty much every other reality show is watched by my wife.

My wife is just catching up on Sister Wives, and she caught part of an episode that aired in November of 2021 during the COVID pandemic. In a recap clip she was watching she saw a location she recognized: the Shoshone Falls.

@churlkorrj8 Sister Wives - Season 16 - Episode 2 - Four Wives Three Fires - Part 8 #sister #sisters #sisterwives #tlc #foryou #sisterwivestiktok ♬ original sound - Sister Wives

How is the 'Sister Wives' TV Show Connected to Twin Falls?

About 15 seconds into the video clip above, and lasting less than 5 seconds, you get to see one of the sister wives, Christine, with a girl who I assume is her daughter at the Shoshone Falls.

In the episode, the clan is struggling with pandemic restrictions and social distancing along with all the other drama that comes with a man who has 4 wives and 18 kids.

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The show has been filmed in many places around Utah, Nevada, and Arizona but seeing a shot of the Shoshone Falls was a surprise.

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