Check conditions in advance.  If you have reservations for weekend camping in the South Hills and the Sawtooth National Forest, maybe you should check the site before you arrive with a recreational vehicle.  Sgt. Ken Mencl with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office says one camper managed to get an RV stuck in mud and snow as he arrived for what was supposed to be a good time.  The RV now has a busted axle and may require an expensive tow.

Some sites still have snow.  It’s wet and heavy and there’s plenty of mud.  Many of the road restrictions are being lifted before the holiday weekend, but that doesn’t guarantee all sites are clear and dry.  It could also be quite chilly at higher elevations for the next few days.

Down in the valley, a lot of people are getting the kayaks and boats out for the first time this season.  Centennial Park is going to be crowded (remember there are parking restrictions and violators could be towed).  The Snake River will look like a busy commuter highway.  Kayaks, paddle boards, power boats, fishermen, and some swimmers can be expected over the three-day weekend.

If you’re on the water, have a life vest.  If children are on board, they’re required to wear a vest.  It’s the law.

In other parts of the county and region, water is running high.  A result of the melt from the massive winter snowpack.  Mencl says a rescue team recently had to rescue several kayakers near Jackpot.  The strong current dumped them all into the water.

Be careful out there!

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