The recent claim by an individual visiting a popular Magic Valley social hangout that an entire family stripped naked in front of other lake goers is the type of news flash southern Idaho isn't accustomed to.

Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls is a popular destination for people in southern Idaho looking to escape the heat. My wife and I have taken our young son there on a few occasions to walk the trail around the lake. I've never seen anything out of the ordinary while at Dierkes, but apparently one local recently has.

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While scrolling a Facebook site dedicated to southern Idaho chat, I came across a thread that involved Dierkes Lake and the alleged sighting of a naked family. The majority of people responding to the post were sort of shocked at the subject matter, and then there was the guy who called for Dierkes to become a clothing-optional destination. I think he was kidding.

There are a lot of worse things to do in life than to take your clothes off outdoors, but the fact remains, these types of actions at public sites where it's prohibited are not ok. Sometimes you see the occasional young child running around on a beach or at a lake in his / her birthday suit, which bothers some people, and doesn't really have an effect on others. It's not all too common that we witness an entire family remove their clothes at a southern Idaho lake, which I have to admit would be shocking to see.

Dierkes Lake Clean Up Day

Photos from the Annual Dierkes Lake Clean Up Day in Twin Falls.

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