Idaho is a state that annually has some of the highest numbers of reports of unidentified aerial phenomena. The host of a foreign language YouTube channel that showcases mysterious sightings throughout the world recently posted footage of what he claims is a UFO falling from the sky into an Idaho mountain range.

Although 2021 saw a decline in reported UFO sightings over the Gem State, Idaho has still been a national leader in the U.S. for unexplained aerial craft reports submitted to investigatory agencies over numerous years.  Having been a longtime Twin Falls resident myself, I can say I too have seen some pretty unusual things hovering in the sky over the Magic Valley on more than one occasion.

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In 2018, I was heading home from a camping trip in the Alturas area when I saw an object streaking several hundred feet above my truck through the front windshield. It left a tracer and was too bright to be military. I've seen similar objects in the sky near Mountain Home, Idaho, which is home to the region's largest airforce base.

You can view hundreds of Idaho reports of unidentified flying objects on websites such as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).  A YouTuber who manages the channel, Descoberta UFO / Misterios, posted a video a few weeks back that shows an object floating above some mountains that are described as being located in the state of Idaho. The footage starts at one minute and five seconds into the video.

The lake this footage was taken at could be anywhere in the state and does seem to show a rather large object slowly falling from the sky. Whether or not it was some sort of alien craft has yet to be determined.

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