The month of June in Twin Falls is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record for the region for the first two weeks of summer. The final days of the month are predicted to bring temperatures that could rival the hottest ever recorded in certain areas of the Magic Valley.

For a month that usually averages 79 degrees for Twin Falls, June has been quite the anomaly so far. We (Twin Falls) haven't  a day cooler than 90 in quite a while, and the week beginning June 28 is forecasted to come close to breaking all-time records for southern Idaho.

Twin Falls hottest day on record took place back on July 23, 2003, according to The high reached 110 degrees that afternoon. Boise's hottest recorded day is 111 degrees, which happened July 19, 1960.

The current prediction for the final two days of June ( the 29th and 30th) is well into the 100s, according to Tuesday is expected to get up near 105 degrees, and Wednesday is looking like the hottest day of the month, predicted at 106 degrees.

For those that don't have air conditioning or a pool, next week has the potential to be very uncomfortable. There are a number of things people can do to combat the heat somewhat during times of extreme temperatures. Staying hydrated, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, traveling out to places such as movie theaters to cool off and utilizing basements in homes are all ways to stay cooler.

And of course, make sure your pets have plenty of water and a running fan so they can avoid dangers caused by excessive temperatures.

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