The government just released some new guidelines for physical fitness and less than one third of us meet the requirements. Fantastic that they release this information right before the two holidays where we just stuff our faces with food and get fat. The original fitness guidelines were released in 2008 and don't differ much from the new suggestions except in the frequency of physical activity.

Adults should get 150 minutes of moderate activity plus 2 strength training session per week. Kids should get 60 minutes of moderate activity with 3 strength activities which could include heavy gardening, lifting weights, and yoga. Who am I to judge the new rules but does yoga really count in the same category as heavy lifting? I guess depending on your age it may be more strenuous. Whatever, I haven't done either in a long time and I'm definitely not going to at least until after Valentine's Day...or maybe Easter.

Does shoveling Idaho snow count as exercise? According to the guidelines (if shoveling is part of heavy gardening), yes it does!

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