This has been the most winter-feeling week of winter so far, and while I enjoyed the snow I am not digging this wind. Also, if you are missing a trampoline it may be in my backyard. But, just because the week has been glum it doesn't mean your weekend is ruined and that you can't get out and do something to brighten your day. Better yet, there are free things you can do to make your day less dreary. Some of these may seem like terrible ideas to you and others may be just what you need. Everybody is in a different place right now but we all just want to find joy in our day.

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  • People watch at the mall. I don't know why it is so interesting to watch people as they wander through the mall or airports...but it is.
  • Take a walk. Maybe you could walk at the mall and be the person that someone else is watching. That sounds kind of creepy. But really, get up and out of your house and that may be the perfect break you need to feel better. You don't have to walk at the mall, you can do it outdoors if you don't care about the cold.
  • Go to a new park. If walking isn't your idea of 'joyous' you could just go visit a park you have never been to before. Being out of your house and having a change of scenery is often a great boost.
  • Nap. I love naps. Sometimes a nap isn't possible so you could substitute laying down with 'enjoy music'. Listen to music that makes you feel good, and at a volume that helps you block out the negative world for a while. You can even listen on your phone with our free app on-the-go.
  • Play an instrument or old hobby you have neglected. I try to play at least a few songs on the guitar each day during this pandemic. What is a hobby that you enjoy but have neglected?
  • Start a new hobby. Maybe you feel glum some days because you are bored or feeling depressed. Find something new that brings you joy or challenges your brain.
  • Clean out your fridge. This one may sound weird and it isn't something I would do, but my wife loves cleaning out a dirty fridge. There's some weird feeling of success when you can salvage a gross fridge.
  • Go for a drive around town. Normally we complain about driving around town. Between road issues and terrible drivers, driving might not be fun because those issues are keeping you from your destination. But if you just go out with no destination but only to enjoy the drive, you may be surprised. Or you'll find that driving is horrible and you'll be happy when you get back home.
  • Volunteer at a local pet shelter or senior center. Service is s great way to make yourself feel better and help others at the same time.
  • Paint rocks. There has been a growing number of painted rocks appearing around town. Often these rocks have messages of joy and other times just a pretty painting. Paint your own and hide them around town to bring joy to others.
  • Write letters to friends you miss. Sure, you could call your friends or send them a text, but there is something special about receiving a paper letter in the mail. Plus it would be a great way to reconnect with old friends you haven't contacted in a while.
  • Exercise. Yuck, right? I really don't like to exercise but I can't deny that it does make me feel better if I do it. My wife (not only like cleaning out fridges) works out every day, especially when she feels down, to boost her mood.

What would you add to the list as something that you have found brightens your day?Let us know in the comments.

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