The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely problematic for Idaho charities who normally count on fundraiser events to continue operating and helping our local communities. Many events were cancelled last year in the Magic Valley and groups are now finding ways to work around the social distancing and fear of large events. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter was able to wrap up the modified Furrball Fundraiser, and successfully reach their fundraising goals. Other non-profit organizations haven't been as fortunate.

There may be a glimmer of hope for those charity groups who have been having a tough time as a new group has formed to help those struggling for funding. Racing For Charity is the group and they have a big event coming up in May to raise money for local charity groups and get the community out and having fun.

On May 1st, 2021 the event will take place at the Fleur de Lis Ranch in Twin Falls starting at 2 PM. They will be having games, food, an auction, and live racing. Since it's a Kentucky Derby event you are of course encouraged to dress well and sport an impressive hat.

The event will benefit 22 local charities and you can help by purchasing tickets to the event, donating auction items, or becoming a monetary sponsor. For details on being part of the event or to purchase tickets you can message them on their Facebook page or call them at 208-595-8626.


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