Y’all this is incredible, a man from Utah traveled to Idaho specifically to go fishing — hoping to see the infamous white sturgeon — and he ended up setting the new record!

C.J. Strike Reservoir | Google Maps | Michael Moore
C.J. Strike Reservoir | Google Maps | Michael Moore

The Idaho Fish and Game posted on Facebook the other day about this new record for the largest white sturgeon to ever be caught/found in Idaho.

The caption reads...

“Well, it's happened again! C.J. Strike Reservoir in southwestern Idaho — typically known for abundant crappie and smallmouth bass — has once again produced an eye-popping state record fish. Congratulations to Greg Poulsen of Eagle Mountain, Utah, who landed a 10-foot 4-inch monster sturgeon on August 5 and set the hook on a new state record in the process.”

Y’all, that nearly beats the previous record (119.5 inches) by 5 inches, as this new record monster sturgeon measures in at 124 inches in length.

In case you don’t know very much about Idaho’s white sturgeon, (I definitely didn’t know very much before researching this a little more), they’re basically prehistoric critters at this point — they can live to be more than 100 years old, over 300 pounds, and up to 10 feet long... or as we can now see, OVER 10 feet long.

You’ll be amazed by the pictures below! Keep scrolling for some incredible pictures of huge white sturgeon caught at Hells Canyon 👇

*This message from Idaho Fish and Game: “Fishing for Idaho's white sturgeon is allowed strictly on a catch-and-release basis, and they may not be removed from the water while handling.”

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