The seasons have definitely changed over the last few days. Sure, it has officially been fall for a few weeks, but with the cloudy days, rain, and bounteous fall colors: it really feels like fall now. I was driving down my street the other day and noticed something interesting about every house and yard. I saw that about half the houses still had green lawns and the other half had clearly stopped watering a while ago. This is the first year my lawn has actually been green so I'm still watering a few times a week to keep it looking good while I can.

There are other distinct sights at each house too: some houses have already been decorated for Halloween (no Christmas decorations yet that I have seen) and in some yards, the trees have turned to fire with the leaves changing color and others still have green trees.

What Does Your Fall Yard Look Like?

It isn't just the season that has changed: many yards in Southern Idaho have taken on drastic changes over the last few weeks.

What category does your yard fall into (ha, 'fall' into)? Do you still have a green lawn, is it loaded with Halloween decorations, or are your trees bursting with color? There doesn't appear to be a right or a wrong way to make your house perfect for fall. You really could do nothing and nature would do the work for you. If you do some of the work yourself though, we tip our hats to you.

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