Considering that Fall can be one of the scariest times of the year thanks to Halloween, it really is also one of the most beautiful times of the year too. If you get to see it at the right time. When leaves change color and the Idaho forests and random yard trees turn from green to orange, red, and yellow is a magical time. But it is a very short lived time before those vibrant and bright colors turn to the much less exciting dead-leaf brown color. Last year we saw friends posting their pictures of the beautiful trees in the South Hills and made plans to go see them in person. But between the picture viewing and actual excursion into the South Hills, the sight was not at all as expected. Within just a few days the leaves had basically all turned to brown.

This year we have a tool to help us not miss out on the explosion of colors. Hopefully. The Smokey Mountain website has an interactive map to help you determine when the best time to go look for fall leaves should be. The time frames aren't exact but should give you an idea of when science expects the leaves to start and finish changing. For most of Southern Idaho it looks like between September 28th and October 12th will be the partial to peak color progression times. Before that will be too green and after the 12th most leaves will have changed to brown.

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