With just two weeks left of summer and the official beginning of fall, now is the time to make plans for a weekend getaway or drive to see the fall foliage during its prime coloring. You could always head to the mountains, be that the South Hills or Sun Valley, to see a variety of beautiful leaf colors, but there are also options closer to town that offer pretty leaves and offer you a chance to get out of your house.

Twin Falls Fall Foliage Airbnb Rentals

On the Airbnb rental website you'll find dozens of houses, rooms, and trailers you can rent: but which ones offer the best chance at seeing the leaves change colors? That's not a search option on their site, but I decided that options away from the city on farm lands would be perfect locations for lots of trees and seclusion.

The Twin Falls area offers three Airbnb houses on farms: Matthews Farm, Swiss-themed Cottage, and Cabinlike Guesthouse.

Fall Foliage Airbnb Locations

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The Swiss-themed rental offers a great view of the valley and is nestled near the South Hills. Along with views of the color-changing foliage you also get amazing views of the Magic Valley sunsets.

Matthews Farm is surrounded by large trees on the property so you can sit out on the porch or view them through the large front window.

At the Cabinlike Guesthouse you get numerous trees on the property, and as an added bonus you are close to the Snake River.

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