Before I started my radio career, I worked at a Papa John's in Kansas delivering pizzas while I worked on college classes. I love my job in radio, but I also loved my job at the pizza place. Mostly because I love pizza, but it also helped that I got to drive around listening to music and getting paid for it. On days I would work I'd always bring home a large pepperoni pizza and eat it all by myself. Those were different times. Now I'm lucky if I can eat three slices and not immediately gain 20 pounds and feel sick the rest of the day.

When I see eating competitions I always wonder if I would have been able to do that back in the day. I know I can't now. One of the latest food challenges I saw as from here in Idaho at Westside Pizza in Post Falls. The challenge is called 'Death by Pizza' and involves one person eating a loaded 18 inch pizza in one hour. With all the toppings it weighs seven pounds. This guy did it all in under 18 minutes.

I feel bad for this guy's gut. I also want pizza now.

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If you crave pizza too, remember we have Pi Day coming up on March 14 (3.14) so you can plan on pizza pies and fruit pies. That is also the day we spring forward an hour for the Daylight Saving time change. There's another reason to eat pies: it will make you feel better about losing an hour of your day.

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