This might be the most amazing house I've ever seen in Idaho, and there are a lot of really cool homes in this state.

The mansion seen on is on the Spokane River in Post Falls and it's a true dream home with 42 rooms across 28,000 square feet. Of those 42 rooms, 13 are bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and multiple kitchens. Plus the mansion has a large pool, basketball and tennis courts, a 10-car garage, a covered BBQ gazebo, a theater room, and a caretaker home.

The Largest Home In Idaho

The website A-Z Animals (I know it seems like a weird site to get real estate info) says that the mansion in Post Falls, also called the Amway House, is the largest house in the state of Idaho.

Post Falls Riverfront Mansion

The house currently isn't for sale, but keep an eye on it. The original price in 2009 was almost $20 million and has currently dropped in value down to about $9.7 million. There was talk in 2019, as you can see in the video below, of turning the mansion into an event center or bed and breakfast. The house even has all the amenities.

The massive mansion is part of a gated community which could be part of the reason for the denial to make it an event center or bed-and-breakfast.

The Burley Airbnb Flowerpot is Adorable

The tiny home is listed on Airbnb with room for 4 guests with 1 bedroom, 2 beds, and 1 bathroom. It’s also listed as a guest favorite on the site as one of the most loved homes on Airbnb.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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