While we all anxiously wait for Christmas, Santa and his reindeer are prepping for flight! There is a really cool video with a live video feed of the reindeer, and Santa shows up a few times each day too!

The Reindeer Cam is a great way to show kids what a reindeer is (and that they actually do exist) and 3 times each weekday Santa shows up to feed the deer at 11a, 6p, and 9p Eastern time. Weeknights at 9 Santa also reads a bedtime story for kids to enjoy. On the weekends Santa feeds the deer at 6p.

You can even put your kids on the nice list and have it show up in the video!

Christmas is Sunday so keep watching as Santa and the reindeer prepare for their big night.

BONUS VIDEO - If you can't wait for Santa to read at 9 you can watch a previous bedtime story below.