When was the last time you held a yard sale? Do you remember the time it took to gather all the items you wanted to sell? Do you also remember the time it took to make all the signs to promote your yard sale?

Those signs are just as important as the stuff you are selling. If nobody sees your sign, they aren't going to do that slow-drive by your house before deciding to stop or not. If your sign isn't well made, with a bold font, and in a place it can be seen: you may as well call it a day and cancel your yard sale.

A few weekends ago I saw the best yard sale signs in the history of yard sale signs. I was driving down Falls near Blue Lakes and saw a bright pink poster board that read:

Hoarders Paradise. Come Make Our Junk Your Junk.

A little further down the road there was another sign, for the same yard sale, and just as creative as the first. That's when I decided to take pictures, because I could see a few more signs down the road and my expectations were high that they would be awesome. They were.

Funny Yard Sale Signs In Twin Falls

Rules For Yard Sale Signs In Twin Falls

Another important part of making and placing your signs is to follow the law. Yep, there's a specific law for how and where you can place your signs.

Twin Falls Sign Ordinance

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