Yard sale season is just a couple of weeks away. Early spring is normally the time most people go through their belongings to see if there is anything they might want to get rid of to make some extra cash, and sometimes certain items catch us by surprise and we just have to buy them.

Spring is about seven weeks away. Garage sales in my Twin Falls neighborhood happen with great regularity. I've seen some pretty unique items on display at sales throughout Twin Falls, and one of those items was a resin bloodhound table that for the life of me I didn't know I needed.

attachment-dog table 2
Greg Jannetta

I paid $25 for it, and it now sits next to the couch and holds things like my phone, beer, hats, books, and car keys. I got some looks from other motorists when I secured it in the back of my truck for the drive home. It's incredibly unique, and that's why I had to have it.

attachment-dog table
Greg Jannetta

He's even got a name. It's Griffin, and he listens very well. Sadly, we just lost a family dog last year, and old Griffin will temporarily fill that void until we decide the time is right to get another animal. It's a surprisingly stable table too.

Yup, you never know what you'll stumble across at a Twin Falls yard sale. Dog tables are hard items to find. Judging by the previous owner's reaction, I don't think he anticipated getting much interest in the piece, but it interested me to the tune of $25.

And no, I won't sell it to you.

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