Spring cleaning time has arrived in the Magic Valley! Garbage cans line the streets full of junk you thought you would use again, and now ten years later you are finally throwing it out.

Not all of your unwanted stuff needs to go to the curb though. There are many ways to sell your stuff online and not have to deal with the hassle of setting up a yard sale. Craigslist has been a great way to sell stuff for many years and the Twin Falls Buy, Sell, Trade on Facebook has over 21,000 members - so there is a good chance somebody out there wants to pay money for your junk.

Here are 5 tips to help sell your stuff.

  • 1

    Clean Your Items

    You'd be surprised at how many people pull their old treadmill, speakers, and other stuff out of the garage covered in dust (or other unwanted items) and take a picture. Think about if you were the one looking and saw the dirty stuff. Even if they still want it the fact that it's dirty will make them want to offer you less money.

  • 2

    Post A Quality Picture

    After you have cleaned your items and they now look desirable, make sure you take a quality picture. Have good lighting, in focus, and take multiple pictures. You need to post pictures of the front, back, sides, and angle that shows off the item.

  • 3

    Be Honest

    Don't fudge the condition or lie about an aspect of the item. If it is scratched or broken - put that in the post. You'll save yourself and others time by putting a decent and honest item description.

  • 4

    Put A Fair Price

    Just because you loved the couch and bought it for $500 three years ago does not mean that someone else is going to pay $400. Your TV from 2001 is no longer worth even $100. You have to remember that your stuff is used and has no sentimental value to the buyer.

    You can look through other posts to see how others are posting and get an idea of what a fair price would be.

  • 5

    Meet In A Safe Place

    Shady alleys and dark parks are only good for movie deals. In real life they are very dangerous. Whether you are the buyer or the seller set up the meeting point in a safe place. It would even be a good idea to let others know you are going and take someone else with you.

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