Over the course of the last decade I have lived here in Southern Idaho, I have driven through Shoshone dozens of times. Out of all those times, the only instances where I stopped in Shoshone I can count on one hand: to play at The Drops, to get ice cream at the Shoshone Snack Bar, and when my pregnant sister got car sick and we pulled over on the main street. Otherwise, we just drive through Shoshone on our way to other locations like Magic Reservoir, Hayspur, or Sun Valley and beyond.

That doesn't mean Shoshone isn't a cool place. When we drive through we are always intrigued by the buildings and the occasional events you can see on the lawn of the courthouse. This weekend there's a big event that would definitely be worth the stop in the small town of Shoshone.

12th Annual Lost N Lava Cowboy Gathering

September 17th and 18th, 2021 the Lost N Lava Cowboy Gathering will be happening in Shoshone. The event includes free day shows, big evening concerts, vendor booths, food, and a cowboy church meeting. The gathering is a celebration of ranching through poetry, music, and story telling.

2021 Lost N Lava Schedule

Friday, September 17th

  • Noon - Bryan Dilworth
  • 1PM - Panhandle Cowboys
  • 2PM - Colt Angell
  • 3PM - Lynn Kopelke
  • 4PM - The Buckaroo Balladeers
  • 6:20PM - Colt Angell
  • 7PM - Panhandle Cowboys
  • 7:30PM - Tony Argento
  • 8PM - The Buckaroo Balladeers
  • 8:35PM - Headliner Artist Gary Allegretto. Tickets are $20.

Saturday, September 18th

  • Noon - Tony Argento
  • 1PM - The Buckaroo Balladeers
  • 2PM - Colt Angell
  • 3PM - Gary Allegretto
  • 4PM - Strings Attached
  • 6:20PM - Strings Attached
  • 7PM - Panhandle Cowboys
  • 7:30PM - Lynn Kopelke
  • 8:40PM - Headliner Artist Colt Angell. Tickets are $20.
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Evening show tickets can also be purchased for both days at a discount price of $35.

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