Summer is here and you don't really need excuses to get outdoors in Idaho, since that's one of the best reasons to live here. But, if you are in need of a little extra motivation to spend time with Mother Nature there is a need right now for seasonal rangers in Idaho state parks.

Why Does Idaho Need State Park Rangers Right Now?

Seasonal workers are essential in Idaho state parks during the busy seasons of the year. For Idaho that time includes spring and summer. Job responsibilities vary depending on applicant age and job locations and description.

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How To Become An Idaho State Park Ranger

For those interested in a seasonal job with the Idaho Parks and Recreation, job applications can be submitted online. On the application you can choose the three Idaho parks you would most like to work at and your availability to work. Some parks may need rangers and other parks may need maintenance workers and cleaning staff.

KIVI recently aired a segment about the job situation in Idaho pointing out that certain parks and rec locations like the Eagle Island State Park and some paddleboard rentals and other water activities have been open only on weekends due to staffing shortages.

Which State Parks Need Seasonal Employees In Idaho?

State parks listed on the online application include: Bear Lake, Bruneau Dunes, City of Rocks, Lake Walcott, and Thousand Springs.

Thousand Springs State Park

Lake Walcott A Short Drive From Twin Falls

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