Idaho: the land of amazing rivers and lakes, lush green forests and fields, and endless beautiful outdoor adventure options. Yet people come here to see the barren lava fields. I have to admit that I don't fully understand that appeal and would prefer to hang out by a lake surrounded by trees.

Why Do People Visit Lava Fields In Idaho?

I've been to Craters of the Moon National Monument twice for a grand total of maybe three hours. Walking around in the sun with an occasional opportunity to crawl through a small lava tunnel got old to me pretty quick. Then there are those who travel from other states, and probably countries, to visit Craters. I hope they are more impressed than I was. I've never been to Hell's Half Acre and only just heard of it today. Honestly it seems less appealing than Craters to me. But this isn't about me, it's about you and your opinion.

Which Idaho Lava Field Is Better: Craters of the Moon or Hell's Half Acre

If you've never been to either of the lava fields, you can check out videos of each below. Basically though: Craters has a seven-mile loop trail that will take you around the park and to the caves. There are also shorter trail options and adventures depending on the time you want to spend there. Hell's Half Acre has a trail called Twentymile Lava Trail which is a 9.6 mile out and back trail. Hell's also offers shorter trail options.

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Hell's Half Acre Video:

Craters of the Moon Video:

Now That You've Seen Videos Of Each Landmark Location, Which Do You Think Is Better?

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