UPDATE: The Magic Valley Cinema 13 has a new tentative reopening date for August 21st in Twin Falls.


In Twin Falls, today was supposed to be the day that the Magic Valley Cinema 13 was going to reopen, but that isn't happening. The theater announced late Thursday evening that due to changes in movie releases, their reopening date is once again to be determined.

The theater has had to reschedule their opening date a few times since they were forced to close due to the pandemic. In early July they had planned to open on the 10th, but they were forced to push back their plans to July 24th. Now that the 24th has arrived and the movie studios have yet to push out enough new content for theaters, it makes it impossible for the Magic Valley Cinema 13 to open at this time.

Comments on the Facebook post show support and understanding of the tough decision and tough situation the theater is in. The theater has also asked for support from the community to participate in the #SaveYourCinema initiative. You can send a letter to let the government know that you appreciate the theaters and believe they need to be helped during these times when they can't be open. The RESTART act is a plan to let movie theaters take out protected loans to help them get through the pandemic and uncertainty of Hollywood production companies.

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I love movies, and when I wrote a story earlier this year about the perfect houses for quarantine - a home theater was a definite necessity. Our options for theater have become limited over the last decade. With the loss of the Motor Vu and the Grand Vu drive in theaters and the demise of the Twin Cinema, we were left with just the movie theater in the mall for new movie releases. We could organize a floating cinema party, but that isn't permanent and we need the permanent benefit of a local movie theater. Here's to hoping they can open soon for their business security and for our sanity as a community.

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