In Idaho there isn't a non-fishing season. If it is warm, you fish and if it is freezing, you fish. Sometimes you do have to dig a hole to fish but you can still do it. Right now, the Idaho Fish and Game has upped the motivation to get out and fish by offering a chance to win money by catching certain rainbow trout in the Snake River!

Prize money is being offered for tagged rainbow trout caught in the South Fork of the Snake River near the Idaho/Wyoming border east of Idaho Falls. Certain fish have been tagged and catching the right ones could get you a prize of $50 to $1,000 according to KIVITV. Rainbow trout are considered an invasive species in the area - plus they are delicious to eat, so it is a win-win for anglers. Fishing rules do still apply so only fish in designated areas and with a valid fishing license.

Some fishing rules have changed for the new year and through 2021 in Idaho and you can read the full rules and regulations in the Fish and Game brochure. The free fishing days have also been announced if you would rather wait for warmer weather. In 2019 the Idaho free fishing day is on June 8th.

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