Heights are not my friend, so I'm pretty much terrified to walk out on the Perrine Bridge. And it blows my mind that there are people who not only willingly BASE jump from the bridge, but they enjoy it.

I'm not an adrenaline junkie and I am afraid I'll get hurt someday doing something stupid. Really, I get hurt some days just walking on grass. So my fear of heights and that I will get hurt keep me from having any desire to BASE jump or have my feet leave the ground at all other than to walk. BASE jumping is dangerous. You can never be 100% sure that you'll jump and land right or that your parachute will open properly.

Some BASE jumpers are amazing though. They can jump and do flips and stick the landing like a supermodel on a catwalk. They get creative and wear costumes or have multiple people jump at the same time. That's where we get to our video from the Fail Daily Facebook page. The BASE jump fail happened back in 2019 and about a minute into it, you see two guys on the Perrine Bridge, and their jump doesn't go as well as planned.

The video doesn't show their landing so I really hope they were able to pull it off safely despite getting caught up in each other's chutes. One BASE jumper a few years back had a scary experience where his chute didn't open until he was almost to the water at the bottom of the canyon. My coworker was telling me that he was rescued by a boat and taken to the hospital. Kelsey Souto from KMVT posted a video of that scary situation on Facebook.

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