A music video on YouTube with more than 19 million views has a few surprise location shots that you may notice and recognize.

The video came out 5 years ago for the song Caught Up In The Country by country musician Rodney Atkins. In the official music video, you can see famous locations in Utah and Idaho highlighted throughout.

Western States Featured in Rodney Atkins Caught Up in the Country Music Video

I don’t know all the locations in the video, but here are the ones I was able to pick out. Do you see any others in Utah or Idaho that I missed? It’s hard to tell if any of those farm fields or river shots are local since they also shot in Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Tennessee.

There is a great overhead shot of the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls and possibly the coolest video captured at night from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Can You Spot Idaho and Utah in This Country Music Video

Check out highlights from Utah and Idaho in this Rodney Atkins music video.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

This Country Music Video is Filled with Shots of Utah and Idaho

The music video isn’t a surprise to me. We knew he came through town in August of 2018, I’m just not a big fan of country music and never watched the video until today. I do have to give credit to Rodney Atkins as a country artist, he has 2 songs that I like: If You’re Going Through Hell and Watching You. Those are great songs (even if they are country songs) plus feature his super cool International Scout SUV.

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