I should probably precursor this with acknowledging that Twin Falls may feel like a big city some days, but it is still really a small town. We just hit a population of 50 thousand in Twin Falls according to the latest census and I love that Twin Falls has a large feel but isn't. We're like that small dog on your street that thinks they are a big dog. We have all the stores and amenities we really need, though some do wish that there were a few more activities to do around town.

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On Reddit there's a map that's a few years old but still gives a good representation of why the small Idaho population is such a great thing. It shows each state scaled proportionately to their population so even though Alaska is massive in real life, in this map it is tiny. It is almost hard to see on the map and it makes sense sine Alaska has a population density of 1.3 per square mile. Idaho is a little over 21 people per square mile according to Statista last year.

I grew up in Salt Lake City and traffic there is always a joke. After I got married I moved to Kansas City and my commute to work (still in Kansas City) was always over a half an hour. Las Vegas is where I lived before moving to Idaho and Vegas was the worst. The streets there are crazy and construction is non-stop. Even driving on the highway it would take me an average of 45 minutes to get to work each day. My commute to work right now is, well zero minutes because I'm working from home, but on a normal day it is only two minutes. Small town for the win.

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