I think it is fair to say that the early 90's weren't the best years for music. But, that doesn't mean they weren't great for some music and the best of that era is hitting the road together this year for a totally 90's tour! MC Hammer has turned over the giant stones of obscurity and found some of the great performers of the 90's to go on tour with him.

Performing acts for Hammer's House Party Tour vary depending on the location but will include MC Hammer, En Vogue, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Tone Loc, Rob Base, Biz Markie, the Funky Bunch (sans Marky Mark because he's actually still famous and busy with other ventures), and Coolio. I didn't even know Coolio was still alive!

Now there is good and bad news. The good news is that tickets seem to be priced reasonably starting around $45. The bad news is that the tour isn't coming to Idaho. There are shows in California, Colorado, and of course in Las Vegas.

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