This has to be some sort of crazy coincidence, but the median age of an Idaho resident is almost exactly the same as the median age of Idaho houses. HouseMethod crunched the numbers and found that the median age of a home in Idaho is 34 years, among the youngest/newest in the nation. The median age of Idaho residents is is only 35.7 years old. In the HouseMethod interactive map you can even break it down into counties where we find that houses in Twin Falls County are a little older than the rest of Idaho at a median age of 41 years. In Jerome, the median house age is even older at 43 years and it's even higher in Cassia County at 49 years.

My house was built in the 60's making it well above the median for Idaho. I'm also turning 40 this year making me (not only feel old) also older than the median age. Fantastic.

A lot of Idaho homes are rich with history while others are only for the rich. Some of the more interesting can be rented, including a castle and a forest outpost. More of the houses in Idaho have dogs in them than in any other state. Some of the houses could, and should, be featured in haunted histories and others just have weird features. No matter the age of the houses or the features they may have, people love Idaho. In fact, more people moved here last year than any other state.

On a technical note, remember, 'median' doesn't mean the same thing as the average. For the average you add together all the numbers and then divide by however many numbers you added together. To get the median number you have to find the number in the middle of the highest and lowest numbers available.

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