When I moved into the house I currently own, my wife and I had planned on living there just a few years to fix it up and then sell it. My wife gets stir crazy and craves new scenery every few years so we have basically moved every two years since we got married. At least up until that point, now 10 years later we are still there and still fixing it up. The main reason we are still in this house is that after we moved in we realized moving is dumb and stressful, and that we didn't want to do that ever again. My wife still gets stir crazy but we cope by changing up our current home with new paint or remodeling a room. But we do still like to dream of owning another home, as do most people I think. Also, when we dream about a new home it is usually something much larger and more extravagant than what we can afford or even need. There was a house we wrote about last month that falls into that category and another one has popped up online that is tempting. It also falls into the 'we can't afford it' category.

Filer Canyon Rim House

This home for sale on the Canyon Rim in Filer is pretty awesome. It comes with a million dollar view so I guess that means the house is free since the price tag is just a few bucks under a million. The house itself is pretty unique and includes an indoor pool, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms packed into the 6,200 square feet.

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