I've grown bored with my house. I'm here too much now and I'm noticing all the oddities, my wife calls it character, in each room. I've made some cool fixes and additions to my home including: LED kitchen backsplash, built in bunk beds for the kids, custom sliding doors, a new deck for the pool, and my kids broke their toilet so I just fixed that. Any other time and I'm good with what we've done in this house. Right now you may be just like me, you know your place is fine but you're tired of seeing the same thing everyday.

I decided to ease my discouragement in being stuck at home, I'd take a virtual tour of some other house. Of course that 'other house' I chose was the most expensive house for sale in Twin Falls - and it does not disappoint. This house is how I want my house. I just don't have $1.3 million to make it happen. The house is 4,500 square feet with just three bedrooms and four baths but it looks like so much more. You can even see the Perrine Bridge from the yard. Check this place out:

Prove Me Wrong: This Is A Dream Home

The listing at Homefinder has 49 pictures for you to get lost in for a while. I guess I'll go caulk a bathtub or something to make me feel like I've changed something for the better in my house and pretend it is this million dollar home.

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