This Idaho man has quite the story to tell his grandkids! He is extremely lucky to be alive after been pinned to a tree by his ATV for three days! This is his story. 

66-year-old Howard Coates of Athol, Idaho went for an ATV ride on Thursday night and he never returned. Of course, his family was worried sick and a search was launched for Howard. Thankfully, a family on dirt bikes who were riding on an unused trail near Pope Road and Kita Road found Howard who was stuck by his ATV pinned to a tree.

Coates had taken off on his adventure Thursday evening and he wasn't found until Sunday night.

Thank goodness the weather has been fair, because according to an article on that details the story, Howard wasn't wearing a shirt and only pajama bottoms when the accident happened. Of course, he was very hungry and severely dehydrated, but he was airlifted to Kootenai Health to be treated for non-life threatening injuries and expected to recover completely.

I've been watching the Discovery Channel's "I Shouldn't Be Alive" series and I expect Howard's story may be featured on a similar platform. It's certainly an incredible survival story and we're so glad he's okay.

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